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tv   Siouxland News at 5 on KMEG  CBS  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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unnamed second suspect broke into this home on south alice street just after 2- 30 monday morning... beating a 19- year- old man with special needs while holding his mother at gunpoint... then stealing game consoles and other electronics. 3 a school board member in northeast nebraska is one of four people facing charges in a case of animal cruelty.kirk van pelt is charged with aiding in animal cruelty and four counts of contributing to the delinquincy of a child.authorities say van pelt was involved in the torture of a cat and a possum by 4 stanton teens, which was filmed and shared online.van pelt is a former stanton county sheriff's deputy and at this time remains on the school board. 3 "as far as the school is concerned. it's really business as normal. we have to move foward and we have to continue with our goals."3 the four teens charged in the case will be prosecuted as juveniles... despite pressure
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groups.van pelt faces up to 6 years in prison if convicted. 3 a machine shed in rural plymouth county is in ruins after a crews from 4 plymouth county departments were called to a farm 8 miles southeast of le mars. when they arrived... flames more than 20 feet high were coming from the roof. that roof later injuries were reported. the cause of this massive fire is under investigation. 3 3 a famous artist's work is making its way back to sioux city... but this time in a different way.the sioux city art center is presenting a documentary about american artist and former iowan jackson pollock's mural."the story of a modern masterpiece" was funded by the university of iowa and shows the mural's travels across the world. pollock's artwork spent some time in siouxland for nearly a year before leaving for venice italy. today-the arts center's director expressed how excited he is to show the documentary. 3 "i think it was the most important exhibition we ever
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we're very excited to have that here and happy to see they documented the whole process and that we're included in that documentation of the mural's story."the documentary will be shown at the arts center on december 17th at 6pm and will include a question and answer period with the film's director and the university of iowa's museum of art director sean o' will then move to the main lecture hall the next day and will stay there until the end of the month. 3 3 the ronald mcdonald house is wrapping up its second annual giving tree event.the event is for families in need of basic household items like hand soap, water and other basic goods.last year was the first time the ronald mcdonald house teamed up with local golden arches restaurants in siouxland to help those staying at the local sioux city restaurant owner and operator says the giving trees are great for the area. 3 "you know, we hear from the customers and the customers appreciate that we have a ronald mcdonald house here in
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really grateful that we have one here."the items given are helping provide all the families staying at the local ronald mcdonald house with much needed essentials. 3 "these donations help us provide those basic needs and we can't say enough and enough thanks to mcdonald's and to the community for supporting us and for getting those basic needs met for those families that come to our home."the trees were put in stores on black friday and most of the presents were picked up yesterday... but you can still go to area mcdonald's stores and donate as long as the trees are still up. 3 the siouxland interstate metropolitan planning council or *simpco* met with legislators from all three siouxland states at its legislative forum today at western iowa tech community college. 3 the forum discussed topics including medicaid expansion, higher education, water quality, and region work force challenges, each topic was presented by a panel of local experts. then attendees were able to collaborate after each
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3 "you know we have been doing thing for a number of years, and the topics always change. but the level of interest and concern for addressing issues that affect people regardless of what state they live, shows how strong the region really is in collaborating with each other"this event gave the state representatives from iowa, nebrask and south dakota time to network and gain more knowledge on the tri-state issues at hand. 3 efforts to rebuild a church destroyed in the pilger tornado have suffered another setback.siouxland news reporter kayla novak joins us live now from pilger with more on the story... kayla. 3 3 larry, i am in pilger, nebraska where st. john's lutheran church was destroyed by a dual tornado in june of 2014 3 construction had started but thursday morning the high winds blew it to the ground once more. luckily construction workers had
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was hurt. though this puts a damper on the construction insurance will help with the costs and pastor terry makelin is very hopeful. 3 "this might look bad... we are actually... this sounds strange but we get to bare the cross of christ. you know we are given the opportunity to help our neighbor, to worship, and to suffer. and we'll this is the suffer part." 3 construction will continue as weather permits and should be done by mid june to july. 3 reporting live in pilger nebraska, kayla novak, siouxland news. 3 3 3 fortunately no windy conditions to worry about today chad. 3
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again we reached the mid 50s, so i hope you enjoyed it. for the weekend a series of waves will move through the area. first it will increase our cloud cover and then secondly bring in a decent chance for rain. saturday's rain chances will move in late in the day. under mostly cloudy skies our afternoon high should be in the lower to middle 40s. rain chances will continue into sunday. to close out the weekend, clouds and rain will don't look for too much of a chance for wintry precipitation will be further central nebraska and south central south dakota. highs on sunday should be right around break on monday before another system comes in tuesday chance for snow and colder temperatures.>> 3 3 3 critics of the way iowa law officers seize cash and materials from people... some who are never charged with a crime... have won a victory in the iowa supreme court. 3 the court's 5-2 ruling will restrict the ability of state troopers and deputies to do warrantless vehicle searches
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of millions of dollars. oppents have argued that factors like whether a car is dirty or smells like air freshener... can't be used as justification to detain a driver and conduct a search. one attorney says this will dismantle" authorities' ability to use factors - such trash or a "lived-in" look - to stop drivers. 3 3 the university of iowa is making a major change to one of its online systems for students... because of terrorism.the iowa student information system has gone by the acronym *isis* for several years... until now.the university says because the acronym has been *corrupted* by the islamic state terrorist group... it will stop using the system and integrate its services into the university's *other* online system called "icon". universities in florida, arkansas and kansas are making similar moves. 3 as the first votes in the race for the gop presidential nomination get closer...tensio n among some the candidates and insiders at the republican party appear to be on the rise. as craig boswell
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candidates have threatened for differing reasons to leave the party and today new poll numbers have two candidates who have been reluctant to attack one another on a possible collision course. 3 ben carson is threatening to leave the republican party if gop leaders ignore the will of the voters.(sot: dr. ben carson/(r) presidential candidate)"i have no intention of running as an independent but i certainly don't want to be a part of corruption"carson made the threat after a report the gop is making preparations for a so-called "brokered convention"...that's where the nominee is picked at the convention and not through primaries.(nats)ted cruz told donors behind closed doors he's not worried about carson or donald trump.(sot: ted cruz audio)"i believe gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. // people are looking for who is prepared to be a commander in chief? who understands the threats we face? who am i comfortable having their finger on the button?"(gfx)cruz has jumped to second in the latest cbs news poll - ahead of carson but well behind trump.the
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maintained his lead despite his controversial call for a ban on muslims entering the country.during a radio interview - senator lindsey graham offered a his opinion on trump's staying power with some gop voters. .(sot: sen. lindsey graham/(r-sc) presidential candidate)"well there's about 40% of the republican primary voter who believes that obama was born in kenya and is a muslim," graham says a trump nomination would lead to a hillary clinton inauguration.craig boswell, cbs news, washington. siouxland news at five...tonight's healthwatch features the results of a groundbreaking new study into a possible connection between *stress* and alzheimer's disease. 3 "you're watching siouxland news at five on kmeg 14, with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris
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3 3 how many people know their numbers?no, not just knowing your height and weight..but as holly firfer reports... there is a set of numbers that can tell you a lot about your health. 3 (dr. jyoti sharma/cardiol ogist, piedmont heart) "knowing your numbers means knowing your risk for certain diseases like heart attack, stroke and heart failure." let's start with blood pressure- or the force of blood in your arteries as your heart beats.the american heart
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average person, blood pressure should be less than 130 over 80.(dr. jyoti sharma/cardiol ogist, piedmont heart) "the second is cholesterol- and when we talk about cholesterol we are really talking about your total cholesterol,// a normal total cholesterol is probably less than 200, or so. and for triglycerides, your number should be less than 150. now, your ldl, which is often times referred to as your bad cholesterol, the goal for that is really going to depend on what other risk factors you have for development of heart disease." the third set of numbers you need to know is your blood glucose level or hemoglobin a1c... the amount of sugar in your blood stream can tell a doctor whether you are at risk of developing diabetes.(dr. jyoti sharma/cardiologist, piedmont heart) "a number less that 6.5 is considered normal." and the last number to know is bmi- or body mass index.(dr. jyoti sharma/cardiologist, piedmont heart) "body mass index is a number that we calculate based on a person's height and weight. a normal body mass index is anywhere between 18.5 and 25 and that let's us know that you are in the normal range." 3 a study out today finds higher
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elderly significantly increases their risk of developing a common precursor to alzheimer's disease. marlie hall has the story. 3 at 85, frederick schweitzer still rides a bike to keep fit and healthy. "the first thing i do in the morning is exercise"the retired history professor is taking part in an aging study at the albert einstein college of medicine in the bronx. new research from the study has found a link between stress in the elderly and memory decline.:23 - :31(sot dr. richard lipton/senior author, albert einstein college of medicine) "participants who had the highest levels of stress were about twice as likely//to develop amnestic mild cognitive impairment this early stage of alzheimer's dementia."for every 5 point increase in stress score, the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment increased by 30 percent.the past few years have been stressful for schweitzer. he was his wife's
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passed away from dementia last year. :54 - :59(sot: frederick schweitzer/study participant) "i feel this besetting sadness and lonlieness."resarchers say if seniors can learn how to cope with their stress, they may be able to postpone or even prevent their cognitive decline. (sot dr. richard lipton/senior author, albert einstein college of medicine) "stress management techniques which could include physical activity, meditation, yoga." schweitzer is actively trying to stay positive and not let stress and grief get him down. (sot: frederick schweitzer/stu dy participant)"we must make the best of this moment this day."for him, that means doing the things he enjoys, such as getting back to his research and writing a memoir about him and his late wife. marlie hall, cbs news the bronx, new york. 3 researchers say about 15 percent of people with mild cognitive impairment go on to developing alzheimer's dementia. 3
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3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 chad and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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will move in late in the day. under mostly cloudy skies our afternoon high should be in the lower to middle 40s. rain chances will continue into sunday. to close out the weekend, clouds and rain will keep temperatures cooler, but don't look for too much of a winter threat in iowa. best chance for wintry precipitation will be further to the west across north central nebraska and south central south dakota. highs on sunday should be right around 40. we will get a bit of a break on monday before another system comes in tuesday bringing us a chance for snow
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3 the most popular present this holiday is on the *naughty* list for some airlines.why major american airlines are *banning* hoverboards from their planes,
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3 they're one of the holiday season's most popular gifts. but the us consumer product safety commission is currently investigating 10 reports of hoverboard fires in nine different as vladimir duthiers reports... some airlines say they don't want the scooters on their planes over fears the lithium-ion batteries inside can catch fire. 3 already one of the season's hottest gifts, it appears hoverboards are continuing to heat up... literally.(nats)a rider from alabama posted this video, saying his hoverboard just caught fire. (nats)now this year's must have giftis
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popular lists. on thursday, the nations three largest airlinesbanned the scooters from flights. they're concerned about the toy's lithium-ion batteries. (sot-danny kelly/aviation consultant)"the ignite and catch fire very violently." (gfx in) cell phones, tablets and laptops use low wattage lithium ion batteries which fall within faa regulations. but airlines are concerned about the hoverboard's battery. in a statement, delta pointed to the "size or power of their lithium ion batteries" and found that the strength of the batteries in hoverboards "often" exceeded government limits for what's allowed onboard an aircraft. (gfx in) one hoverboard manufacturer, swagway, blames cheap knockoffs for the problem, saying they "don't compromise when it comes to using the highest quality parts" and urged "customers to be aware of fake units that are being sold on the internet." (gfx out)(nats hoverboard) according to sean kane, the safety institute, the hugely popular products may eventually be recalled. (sot-sean kane/founder of the safety institute) "they're considered toys but in fact they're not. // you have a product that doesn't have to
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and its finding its way into the us market.">vladimir duthiers, cbs news, new york. 3 airlines aren't the only ones moving away from hoverboards. online retailer overstock dot- com says it will stop selling the popular product due to growing safety concerns. 3 3 3 3
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winter threat in iowa. best chance for wintry precipitation will be further to the west across north
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>> pelley: fire at a california mosque. the f.b.i. is investigating whether it was arson. also tonight, extreme weather in the west. it's been one storm after another and another is on the way.
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